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Weekly Highlights

Our activities are in both Mandarin and English

- Sunday School: 10:00am
- Sunday Worship: 11:10am

- Thursday Prayer: 8:00pm
- Family Fellowship: One Saturday each month at 6:30pm.

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Can anyone in this life be certain of "what's next"?

Queen Victoria once asked if anyone in this life can truly have eternal safety.

See how Evangelist John Townsend tackled this weighty question and how the Queen responded. Read more

Why Friendship Agape?

Worship together in Mandarin and English

Just as every person is unique, not all churches are the same. Come experience a special relationship with Jesus Christ in an environment with other believers. At Friendship Agape, there are no strangers, just new friends.
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25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary for Friendship Agape

Friendship Day is our annual celebration of blessings from God. It's also our church anniversary. This year we celebrate 25 years of blessings from God. More photos


Friendship Agape is pleased to announce that Caleb Wang has joined us as an intern for youths.


Mr. James Chiang's service at FAC was concluded on November 18, 2013. If you need to contact him, please do so directly. Thank you.

Good News

Sunday Schedule

Beginning Sunday, September 7, 2014, our new (later) schedule:

- 10:30am   Adult Sunday school classes
- 11:30am   Worship


  • What's the youngest age anyone can understand God? Accept Jesus as his/her Lord and Savior? Last year three youths shared how they first received Christ in their lives. Audrey remembered how she asked to be saved when she was in second grade (8 years old).
  • Mrs. Gang shared about how she was filled with spiritual joy as the Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus watched over her during two major surberies.
  • Nancy explained how God provided an ideal senior apartment for her mom (Mrs. Chen) that became available in just a few weeks.

Read more about these amazing (but true) stories of how God has been working in our lives during the past year. Chinese and English (PDF)

25th Anniversary Celebration

To conclude our 25th Anniversary Celebration, we're honored to have Pastor John Liu join us for a special weekend in December:

  12/13   Saturday Night: An Evening of Praise
  12/14   Sunday Morning Worship

Do you believe in miracles?

Qing Li reflects on how his experience at Friendship Agape made a dramatic difference in his life. Video

Seekers and Pre-Baptism Classes

Want to know more about God? Jesus? The Holy Spirit? Come join our new classes.

  • Seekers and Pre-Baptism: Mandarin adults meet at 10am on Sundays
  • Pre-Baptism: Just completed for English. See handouts and notes