Why Believe?

Steering Committee with Felicia

Surrendering Everything to God

Hello, my name is Felicia and I am currently a senior at Los Gatos High School. Something you should know about me is that I moved to Shanghai, China, when I was six years old, and lived there for seven years. I moved back right before eighth grade started!!

My mom is a strong believer of Christ. However, I didn’t go to church that often when I was a little kid. During my last year in China, my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, and that’s when my mom took my sister and me to church. I got to see God’s grace at work, and I’m thankful that my grandpa is still healthy today. Although I’ve only been a frequent church goer since seventh grade, my earliest memories of God were when I was a little kid, I would say goodnight to every relative and friend I could think of, ending on God!!

The second year that we moved back to the US, my mom discovered Friendship Agape Church, and she immediately told me how there is a bilingual church and encouraged me to start playing the piano for the worship songs. And I know so many of you today who are sitting there have seen me grow from the freshman that I was to now someone who will be graduating in less than a week!!

About half a year ago, I decided to completely accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was in the middle of applying to colleges. I was under a lot of stress, and I frequently thought about where I would end up. I didn’t pray for God for any specific college; instead, I realized that I should surrender everything to God and let him make the decision for me because he knows everything that will be the best for me. That’s when I truly realized that I can let it go, stop worrying, and wait for God’s work. In fact, one of my favorite Bible passages is Proverbs 3:5-6, which says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Trust in the Lord. Acknowledge him. That is what I have decided on for the rest of my life!!

Since then, I have received all my college notifications. I’m so grateful that God has chosen UC Berkeley to become my next stop on this path, a place I know will be important for me to fulfill my purpose in life, as the Bible also says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” in Romans 8:28!!

In the future, I pray that God can continue to bring my family and me health and direct me in life. Wherever I may end up, I know that God wanted to me to go there, and he has everything planned for me. This is such a comforting thought. And today I would like all of you to know that I have already accepted Lord Jesus into my heart!!!!!!

⼤家好,我是汤珺洁。⺫前是Los Gatos High School 四年级的学⽣。 六岁的时候,我和我的全家搬到了中国上海并在那⾥住了七年。这也是为什么我可以说中⽂的原因。

我的妈妈⼀直是⼀个基督徒,但是⼩时候我并没有经常去教会。 我在上海的最后⼀年,我的外公得了癌症。 妈妈就经常带我和妹妹去教堂的礼拜。 我看到了上帝的恩典,并也很感恩如今我的外公还是⾮常的健康。 虽然⼩时候并没有经常去教堂,我记得晚上睡觉以前会对所有我认识的⼈说晚安,从爸爸妈妈到最后上帝。!

搬回美国的第⼆年,我的妈妈有⼀次经过仁爱堂,⼀回来就告诉我她发现了⼀个双语教堂然后⿎励我到那⾥去弹琴。 我也知道现在坐在底下的有很多看到我从⼀个⾼中⼀年级的学⽣如今成⻓为快要毕业的四年级。

差不多半年以前,当我在申请⼤学的时候,我决定接受主耶稣为我的救主. 我当时的压⼒⾮常⼤,我也⼀直在想未来我到底会去哪⾥。 我并没有向神祷告让我进⼀个具体的学校。反⽽,我发现我应该把⼀切多交托在他的⼿⾥,因为他会为我做最好的决定。 我领悟了我应该放⼿,不要在担⼼,然后等上帝给我的安排。在圣经⾥我最喜欢的⼀句就是箴⾔⾥的第三章五到六节。 你要专⼼依赖耶和华,不可依靠⾃⼰的聪明,在你⼀切所⾏的事上都要认定他,他必指引你的路。 依赖耶和华,认定他。这是我所决定的。

如今我已收到所有⼤学的回信。我⾮常感恩上帝为我选择了加州柏克莱⼤学,我⼈⽣当中的下⼀站。 在这⼀站,我也可以更加的按照他的旨意⾛,因为在罗⻢书中8章28节说到我们晓得万事都互相效⼒,叫爱神的⼈得益处,就是按他旨意被召的⼈。

未来,我希望主可以继续为我的家⼈和我带来健康,并在我⽣命的路上为我指点让我⾛上他要我⾛的路。 今天我想要你们都知道我已让主耶稣进⼊了我的⼼⾥。